Oil & Gas

Managing a vast infrastructure can be difficult. Satellite and aerial imagery can give a bird’s eye view of built assets to help you manage utility networks and sources.

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TerraServer Is Great For:
  • Power & Electric
  • Gas and Oil Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Prospectors

When your business is providing a service to a large area, having imagery of that area can be vital to maintaining a high level of service to your customers. Our aerial imagery can allow you to determine how geography may affect coverage areas or how close your cell phone towers are to a proposed new highway. Aerial images of your plants, towers, distribution centers, or any other structure provides you with a photographic record of your physical assets.

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Oil & Gas Users Can:
  • Keep track of assets and property
  • Make a base map of coverage areas
  • Analyze the landscape of potential drill sites
  • Draft emergency management plans

Your response to service outages can become more efficient as you can predict what roads are heavily wooded and possibly blocked. These tools provide you with the means to improve service to your customer. Our imagery isn’t just about improving service though; it can also be about improving safety. Utility companies used post-Katrina images to evaluate the working area before workers even arrived on the ground. Take advantage of all of these benefits available on TerraServer, subscribe today.

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