Image Viewer FAQs:

  • An image came up, but how do I change image dates or resolutions?

    You may change image dates by selecting from the thumbnail images on the left side of the Viewer page.

  • Why are there watermarks on the image?

    Watermarks are present in the image viewer for all non subscribers. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of becoming a subscriber, please click here.

  • Why can't I find a real time image?

    Satellites that take digital imagery do not operate like webcams. First, they are orbiting the Earth, so they may not even be over your area anytime that day. Second, the ones that take the high-res imagery do so in narrow swaths of a few kilometers.

    Think of it like wrapping a strand of hair around a tennis ball. Then, any imagery that is taken has to be downloaded to a ground station and processed to line it up with the proper coordinates. Since areas do not change that quickly, it may be a few months or more before the same satellite might update an area.

  • Why isn't there a higher resolution image available for this location?

    The satellite companies follow the same business model as any other business. They spend most of their time taking images of more densely populated areas because this is where the highest demand exists. Therefore, more rural and less populated areas tend to be less photographed.

  • The image viewer is black or blank, what should I do?

    Try panning around the image as well as zooming in and out. The image is black or blank because there is no data available for this specific location. If you preview the image, and the preview is black or blank, then your final image will be black or blank. It is possible that we have lost coverage of that area due to a change at one of our providers. We’re trying to stay on top of this but sometimes we don’t have any control over it. Trying using the Imagery button to change to a different image. If none of these suggestions work, please use the Contact Page to inform us of the problem. Please make sure to include the location and the image date and provider.

  • The image viewer contains an error message, what should I do?

    Please attempt to reload the page. We also do not have images covering either of the poles and some ocean areas, so please ensure that you are not searching these areas. If you still cannot figure out the source of the error, please use the contact page to inform us of the problem. Please make sure to include the location, image date, and the provider (i.e. Digital Globe).

  • How can I zoom in and out?

    You may zoom in and out by clicking the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons in the top, right corner of the viewer.

  • How far can I zoom in?

    The zoom level for any particular area depends on the resolution of the available imagery for that location. Generally, you can zoom into 0.25 meter resolution, though most images will have lost clarity by that point.

  • How far can I zoom out?

    You can zoom out to what we call a global view. In all actuality, you will be able to see most of a hemisphere in this view.

  • How do I move around the image?

    You may move around the image by clicking and dragging the image. Place the mouse cursor over the point that would like to center on and then hold down the left mouse button. Drag that point to the center of the viewer and then let off of the left mouse button.

  • Can I have a compass or scale show up in the viewer?

    Currently, we do not have a compass or scale available, though that is a feature that we hope to add to the site very soon.

  • Why do the coordinates in the Viewer not exactly match the search coordinates?

    The coordinates in the Location Information are the exact coordinates of wherever the mouse cursor lies. These coordinates should match your search coordinates only if the mouse cursor is in the exact center of the image.

  • Where do I find the resolution of the image?

    The resolution of the image will appear in the Image Information box that lies to the left of the viewer. You can also find the resolution of the available imagery by clicking on the Imagery button at the top of the Image Viewer.

  • What does the resolution mean?

    We represent our resolutions in terms how the distance covered by a single pixel. For example, a 0.6 meter image would indicate that one pixel on the screen is representative of 0.6 meters on the ground. This would also mean that 1000 x 1000 pixel image at 0.6 meters would represent an area of 600 x 600 meters on the ground.

  • Do you have an image with higher resolution?

    We make sure that every image that we have for a particular area is made available to our customers. Generally, the default image for an image search is the best image. We use a combination of the date and resolution to determine what we consider to be the best image.

  • Where do I find the date of the image?

    The date of the image is available in the Image Information box that lies to the left of the viewer. The dates of all available images can be found by clicking on the Imagery button at the top of the viewer.

  • Do you have a newer image?

    We make sure that every image for a particular location is available for you to view. The newest image that we will have will be the image with the most recent date.

  • Why are there copyright logos in the corners of some of the images?

    The logos will be present on any purchased imagery or prints, but small enough to hardly be noticeable.

  • I zoomed all the way in and the image is very pixilated. What is wrong?

    We've allowed you to zoom in past the native resolution of the image. As a result, some imagery may become pixilated because you have exceeded the ability of the image. Try zooming out or selecting an image with a higher resolution.

  • I changed images and the colors turned to gray and reds. What is wrong?

    Nothing is wrong, you’ve simply selected an image that is infrared. Try choosing a different image if you are not interested in infrared.

  • Is there a way to save this location so that I can come back to it later?

    Subscribers are able to save imagery that they like by adding it to their favorites. The Add to Favorites tool is available at the top of the previewer and you will simply give the imagery a title. You will then be able to access your favorites by clicking on Favorites tool in the dropdown box at the top right of the page which opens by clicking on your name.

  • I used the favorites feature on the old site. Can I still access my old favorites?

    We have moved the locations of the old favorites over to the new site however some information was lost in the process. The images will still come up on the same location but the zoom level and the image date may not be the exact same. It will only take a second to change the image source and zoom in or out and then resave your favorites.

    Currently, the system will save two files with the same name, so you will just need to delete the older one. Once we develop the system further, it will replace the old ones when you resave and will allow you to better organize your favorites.

  • Am I able to print or save these images?

    Subscribers can print images from their favorites at the 750 x 575 screen size by using the Print command. To save an image you will need to purchase a digital download. Purchased downloads can be printed at different sizes and manipulated in PhotoShop or a similar software. To learn more about becoming a subscriber, please click here.

  • What does the Print Image command allow me to do?

    The Print Image command allows you to print the image out at 750 x 575 pixels. It will format the image to fit properly on an 8 ½ x 11 piece of printer paper.

  • Can I email this image to a friend?

    Yes, you can email an image link to your friend that will bring up the exact same image for them. Right above the viewer, you will find an Email button. Click on this button and fill out the fields. Make sure to include your email address as any responses will be sent to that email address.

  • Will my friend need to be a subscriber to see the image?

    No, they will not need to subscribe to see the image. They will simply see it in the free image viewer with watermarks.

  • Can I send a link to an image on the site?

    Yes. Simply navigate to the Preview page by selecting “Check Purchase Options” on the bottom of Viewer page. You will see a small preview of the imagery. Select the Share button located beneath the preview of the imagery. It will provide you with a link that will show the exact same image as that which you are viewing at that moment.

  • I want to zoom to a certain level but the zoom feature won’t let me. What do I do?

    The zoom levels have been preset by us to be what we consider the most used zoom levels by our customers. Customers can set a custom zoom level by typing the number located under Imagery Information, next to Zoom Level. We also offer custom consulting and we may be able to get images at a custom zoom for large projects. Please go to the Contact Page and describe your project and we'll get back to you.

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