Subscriptions FAQs:

  • How do I purchase a subscription?

    Click here to purchase a subscription. You may also become a subscriber by clicking on the link in the box at the top right hand side of the screen that says BECOME A MEMBER.

  • How long does it take between purchasing a subscription and having access?

    Once you purchase a subscription, you should have immediate access to the subscription features.

  • How do I get a receipt after purchasing a subscription?

    A receipt will be emailed to the email address that you provided as soon as you purchase a subscription. Please check your Spam or Junk email folder if the receipt email does not automatically appear in your Inbox. You may also find a receipt by signing in on the site and then clicking on the Account link in the Subscriptions box at the top right hand side of the screen. From there, click on Order History and you can pull up a receipt for your subscription purchase.

  • Do you share customer information with any other companies?

    We do not share customer information with other companies. We provide your shipping address to our printers and we provide customer statistics to our providers. We do not sell your information or allow any unauthorized access to your information.

  • How much customer information do you store?

    We store your email address, password, address, telephone number, purchase history, and subscription information on our servers. We do not store any credit card information or any other financial information from our customers.

  • What steps do you take to ensure the security of my information?

    All of our financial information is handled by Verisign, the leader in online transactions and SSL data encryption. They are the best and they take care of that end of our business. We keep any additional information in our secure servers that are password protected.

  • How can I stop the recurring billing from happening?

    Simply sign into the site and go to your Account page and then click on the Cancel Account option. You can email us at You will continue to have access to the subscription features until your current subscription expires.

  • What does the recurring billing entail?

    Recurring billing means that your subscription will auto renew until you tell it otherwise. If you sign up for a month and have not cancelled by the end of the month, it will automatically charge you for the next month and you will continue to have subscriber benefits. The same thing will happen for yearly subscriptions.

  • How can I change from a monthly subscription to a yearly subscription

    You will still have to pay for that month, but you can go to your Account page and then select Renew Subscription and upgrade your subscription. The yearly account will not begin until the month subscription is over.

  • I do not have a credit card or debit card. Do you accept any other forms of payment?

    We will accept checks and Purchase Orders on a case by case basis on orders over $500. Please email or call us for more details.

  • I work for a large company. Will you accept a Purchase Order?

    We will accept Purchase Orders on a case by case basis on orders over $500. Please email or call us for more details.

  • Can we receive a group discount if we purchase multiple subscriptions in bulk?

    We offer group rates on subscriptions only. Please contact us to discuss the possibility of extending a group rate to your company.

  • Is there a special rate for my industry (education, law enforcement, etc)?

    We do not offer special rates to any specific industry outside of our normal group rates. If you are interested in purchasing multiple subscriptions, please contact us to discuss group rates.

  • The site says that my form of payment has been rejected. What should I do?

    Begin by trying to re-enter your payment information. Often times, one number will be wrong and cause the system to reject the information. If you try again and receive the same message, this means that Verisign is rejecting your form of payment. Please select another credit card and call your credit card company for clarification on why your payment was rejected.

  • Why hasn't my subscription been automatically renewed this month?

    There are a number of reasons that this could have happened. If you have cancelled your subscription, the automatic renewal stops immediately. If your credit or debit card has been declined, we automatically stop auto renewing. Please contact us if you are not clear about why your subscription has not been continued.

  • What are the benefits to having a subscription?

    The benefits to having a TerraServer subscription are numerous. The main feature of the subscription is the increased viewer area and the removal of the watermarks. In addition, subscribers also receive a discount on prints & image downloads, print small aerial images, and immediate access to new features as we add them.

  • Is the imagery different after I subscribe?

    The imagery changes only in the sense that the viewer is larger and the watermark is removed. Subscribers do not have access to any sort of special collection of imagery as we make all of our imagery available to everyone through the image search feature.

  • How do I get a larger viewer?

    The viewer for subscribers is twice as large as the viewer for non-subscribers.

  • Do I get free downloads and prints after I subscribe?

    Subscribers are able to print images at the size of the viewer. All other image downloads and prints will cost extra. Please note that subscribers receive a discount off of all purchases. To learn more about the benefits of being a subscriber, please click here.

  • How much does a subscription cost?

    We currently offer two different subscription lengths, a Monthly Subscription and a Yearly Subscription. Please consult the Subscription purchase page to determine which subscription best suits your needs and your budget. Click here now. If you like, you can try a Monthly Subscription first and then you can always upgrade to the Yearly Subscription later.

  • How does recurring billing work?

    Recurring billing is a feature that we use on our site to maintain the continuity of service to the user. When you sign up for an account with TerraServer your account is billed either every month or every year until you either deactivate the account using the Account page or you contact our customer service representatives through email or on the telephone. You can check the status of the recurring billing feature on your Account page to verify that the service is either on or off. Note that you can turn it off and then turn it on prior to your renewal date and then turn it back off to maintain some control and oversight over your subscription. If you do deactivate the recurring billing feature and leave it past your renewal date, your subscription will expire and you will have to resubscribe.

  • Do you have trial subscriptions?

    We do not offer a trial subscription. We have designed this new site to be friendlier towards visitors and non-subscribers so that you can have an understanding of the site content prior to subscribing. All of the imagery is available to both subscribers and non-subscribers. The subscription then provides you with benefits well beyond access to the imagery. If you would like to learn more about subscriptions, please visit here.

  • Can I receive a refund on my subscription?

    Subscriptions are non-refundable. We make our entire database available to everyone because we want users to understand the content of the site prior to subscribing. If you are still curious about whether the subscription will be right for you, consider signing up for a month long subscription to gain an understanding of the service. You may upgrade to a yearly subscription on your Account page if you find the service to your satisfaction.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You may cancel your subscription by going to your Account page and selecting Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the page. You may also send us a message or call use using the Contact Page during our regular Business Hours.

  • How do I renew my subscription?

    You may renew your subscription by logging in and going to your Account page. Select Renew Subscription near the bottom and follow the steps to renew.

  • How do I log in?

    You may sign into your account at the top right corner of the screen.

  • Can I upgrade my subscription?

    You may upgrade your subscription from monthly to yearly. You will be charged when you make the upgrade, but the yearly subscription will not begin until the months you have paid for are done. You will not lose any money by upgrading. You can do this by clicking on the Renew Subscription link on the Account page.

  • What if I purchase a subscription and do not find what I am looking for?

    We do not offer refunds on subscriptions unless we have reason to believe that we made an error in billing you. We allow all users access to all imagery and can not provide refunds to customers who did not bother to search prior to paying for a subscription.

  • I have been a subscriber before. How do I renew and maintain my previous account?

    As long as you remember your email address and password, simply click that you are a returning customer when subscribing and you will be able to use your old log in details.

  • I'm a returning customer but I've forgot my log in information. What should I do?

    Your user ID will be an email address, so please begin by trying either your current or old email address. You can have your password emailed to that address. If you are still having trouble, please use the Contact Page to allow us to help you out.

  • What if I cancel my account and then change my mind?

    If you have already cancelled your account, you can turn the recurring billing back on using your Account page. If your account has already passed the end date of your subscription, you can choose the Renew Subscription option to renew or upgrade your account.

  • What do I use for a user name?

    You will use your email address as your user name on our site. All correspondence from us will be routed to that email address.

  • What restrictions are set on the password?

    Passwords must be between six to twelve characters and should contain letters and numbers.

  • I've forgotten my password. How do I retrieve it?

    You can click on the Forgot Password? link in the Login Dropdown at the top right side of the screen. You can also email us using the email address that the account was created under and we will email the password to you.

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