Prints & Posters FAQs:

  • Does the print have a watermark on it?

    If an image on the screen has the copyright information and logo of the provider in the corners, it will appear on the purchased image. It will be extremely small on a purchased print, but still there. Any TerraServer watermarks on an image will not be present on a purchased print.

  • What size prints are available?

    Prints are available in sizes 11" x 14", 18" x 24", 24" x 36", and 36" x 48". For larger posters, we also offer custom consulting for $125.00 per hour with a minimum of four hours plus cost of materials.

  • Can I print images on my own printer?

    Yes, you may print digital images purchased from us on your own printer. You may also take them to printing stores and have them printed yourself. This may be the best option if you need multiple copies of a single image or if you would like a custom size.

  • Who prints the images?

    All of our prints are printed by our exclusive print partner, MyTopo specializes in printing high quality topographic maps and TerraServer is happy to have formed a partnership with them.

  • How much do the prints cost?

    Print prices vary with both size and finish type. The most expensive is a 36" x 48" canvas print while a 11" x 14" glossy print is the least expensive.

  • How are the prints shipped?

    The prints are shipped in either a cardboard envelope or cardboard tube, depending on the size of the print. Our exclusive print partner,, ships using the US Postal Service and UPS. Options are available to have prints shipped overnight, however since each image is a custom print, it can take two days to actually print the image. Shipping times are quoted as after the image has been printed by MyTopo.

  • Are the prints available framed?

    Our prints are not available framed. We have chosen our available sizes so that the prints will fit in the standard frame sizes available at craft and discount stores.

  • Can I have a grid collar added to my print?

    Currently, the grid collar option is not available. We are considering adding it to the site at some point. If you would consider this a useful option, please contact us using the Contact Page and give us your feedback.

  • Can I have a scale and compass added to my print?

    Currently, a compass and scale are not available. We are working on adding this feature to the site. Please check back soon if you are interested in this feature.

  • How long do prints take to ship?

    It usually takes between 24 to 48 hours for the images to be printed after you have purchased them on our site. The time from that point on depends on the shipping method you’ve decided on when checking out. Generally, most prints are received within a week.

  • What shipping company is used?, our exclusive printing partner, uses the US Postal Service, UPS and/or FedEx to ship prints. You will see the specific shipping options for your product and location during checkout along with multiple delivery options (overnight, 2 day, ground, etc.).

  • Will I receive a tracking number?

    You will find your print status and tracking number on your Receipt. Simply click on the link under Status on your Receipt. If you do not receive a Receipt, please contact us using the Contact Page.

  • Can I have my print sent express or overnight?

    Yes, you have a number of shipping options available to you when you check out including express and overnight. Please note that shipping times account for the time after the image has been printed, which is usually between 24 to 48 hours after the purchase is made.

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