Software FAQs:

  • What projection is used for a downloaded image and World file?

    This will be specified by the world file. Our images are usually based on a WGS84 / NAD83 projection. If you need a different projection than the one used, your software should be able to reproject.

  • Can the image and data be reprojected?

    We are not able to reproject the image however your software should be able to accomplish this task.

  • Do I need a World file if I am just interested in looking at the image?

    Absolutely not. The World file is only necessary for users who are looking to import the image into GIS or CAD software.

  • How do I download the World file?

    By purchasing the Georeferenced – JPG image file, the georeferenced World File (ie .jgw) will be included which provides the ability to import the image into GIS (ESRI ArcMap/ArcGIS) or CAD (AutoCAD) software. The world file is a plain text format which contains the geographic coordinates for the image. A ReadMe.txt file is also included with metadata such as projection, date, resolution and other important information. You can also purchase the Complete – All Files image download to receive a world file for each file format.

  • How do I import the image and World file into my software?

    Because every software is different, please consult your software’s help section for instructions on importing the world file and the image.

  • What is GIS software?

    GIS stands for Geographic Information System, and it is a system for managing and utilizing data that is spatially referenced to the Earth. All of our images come with the necessary information to be imported into GIS software. For more information, consult

  • What is CAD software?

    CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design and it is a system that allows engineers, designers, architects, and other professionals to model a product or system on the computer and test it within a simulated environment. For more information, consult

  • What is a World file?

    A world file is a plain text computer data file used by GIS software to coordinate raster map images. The world file allows you align the image within a software.

  • The world file contains six text lines that contain decimal numbers. Each line means the following:

    Line 1: A, pixel size in the x-direction in map units/pixel

    Line 2: D: rotation about y-axis

    Line 3: B: rotation about x-axis

    Line 4: E: pixel size in the y-direction in map units, almost always negative

    Line 5: C: x-coordinate of the center of the upper left pixel

    Line 6: F: y-coordinate of the center of the upper left pixel

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