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TerraServer Is Great For:
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Biologists
  • Park Rangers
  • Conservationists
  • TerraServer provides users with a comprehensive aerial view of an environment. Satellite and aerial images can be used to manage lands and map environments.

    TerraServer provides imagery from multiple dates in most locations so that change over time can be monitored.

    Our vast database of imagery includes color infrared imagery and topographic maps in addition to our standard color and black & white imagery.

    Environmental professionals have the option to purchase imagery with a georeferenced world file that allows users to import into GIS and CAD software.

    Environmental Solutions - Aerial Photo/Satellite Image
    Environmental Solutions - Aerial Photo/Satellite Image
    Environmental Users Can:
  • Monitor environmental changes over time
  • Map out specific biological habitats
  • Monitor forestry and watershed reclamation
  • Assess cleanup sites - LUST, Superfund, etc
  • Aerial and satellite images can also be used to monitor and analyze areas that would be prone to having houses damaged during forest fires.

    This data can be used to determine high priority areas for emergency response. Since many forest fires require the assistance of outside organizations, aerial imagery can be the best way to familiarize new firefighters and first responders to the geography and layout of the area.

    Environmental engineers can use the imagery to monitor beach erosion over time or to monitor development near a habitat.

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