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  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Management
  • Traffic Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Architects & Designers
  • Satellite images provide the engineering community with a first look glance at a work site before you ever leave the office.

    Aerial images can allow the engineer to determine numerous environmental features including natural forest density or the structure density of a built environment.

    Combined with available topographic maps, satellite images can be used to determine water depth and shortage.

    Satellite images also show features that don’t always appear on maps, such as unpaved access roads or power line right-away.

    Engineering Solutions - Aerial Photo/Satellite Image
    Engineering Solutions - Aerial Photo/Satellite Image
    Engineering Users Can:
  • Assess terrain of potential construction sites
  • See various locations in a broader scale
  • View projects in context to the surroundings
  • Determine access routes to remote project sites
  • See all of the features that maps exclude
  • Subscribers to TerraServer gain the ability to view highly detailed aerial/satellite imagery of multiple dates and resolutions.

    By combining all of this information on a single image, we hope to provide you with a valuable reference during the analysis and design phase of your projects.

    Our vast database of satellite and aerial images provides the user with the most comprehensive collection of imagery available.

    Please browse the site and consider subscribing to TerraServer today.

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