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  • Commercial Farmers
  • Large Land Management
  • Family Farms
  • Rural Appraisers
  • Ranchers
  • Satellite imagery provides the agriculture business with a means to monitor land from above.

    Our vast database of imagery includes infrared imagery as well as topographic maps.

    We update aerial imagery as soon as we receive it to ensure that you have the most up to date, highest resolution satellite imagery available.

    Imagery will allow you to see areas where vegetation growth is affected by livestock or disease.

    We offer a variety of image downloads and prints/posters to suit your preferences and needs.

    Agriculture Solutions - Aerial Photo/Satellite Image
    Agriculture Solutions - Aerial Photo/Satellite Image
    Agriculture Users Can:
  • Map your fields, orchards, crops and ranchland
  • Monitor the effects of livestock on vegetation
  • Have a record of your land for insurance purposes
  • Determine potential center pivot irrigation locations
  • Higher resolution imagery also allows you to see crop rows and can sometimes even allow you to see individual trees in tree farms and orchards.

    The imagery may also prove to be important when making any insurance claims involving your land.

    The imagery available from TerraServer will allow you to have a visual representation of your land that is only available from the sky.

    In addition to digital image files, we also offer prints in a variety of formats including glossy, matte, canvas, and waterproof.

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