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Subscriptions - Aerial Photo/Satellite Image

10% Discount off Download/Print Orders: Those who purchase prints and image downloads from TerraServer will enjoy the 10% discount available active subscribers. As long as you are signed in as a subscriber, you will automatically receive an instant 10% off when you checkout.

Increased Viewer Size With No Watermarks: The casual browser will enjoy the increased viewer size that comes with being a subscriber. The subscription viewer is almost twice (100%) the size of the free viewer seen by non-subscribers. The watermarks have also been removed to allow subscribers to have unfettered access to our imagery.

Print Viewer Image: Subscribers may print images at the viewer size to keep hard copies of images that they’ve found useful. Subscribers can click Print above the Image Viewer and the site will provide a printer friendly view and trigger the print command on the computer. Print as many times as you would like.

Drawing and Measuring: Subscribers gain access to a drawing and measuring tool that allows you to measure surface distance and area on the aerial and satellite images. Measurements may be made in a number of units, including meters, kilometers, feet, yards, miles, and acres. In addition to making measurements, the tool also places lines along the edges and lines of measurement. The color and thickness of the lines is user selectable.

Save Favorite Image Online: Subscribers also have an easy way to save their favorite images with our Favorites feature. Subscribers can keep a list of their favorite images that will immediately reference back to the exact image that you saved on the site. Soon, subscribers will be able to organize these images into categories and separate files that will help organize these images in whatever manner the subscriber desires.

Additional Benefits: Subscribers receive numerous other benefits when using TerraServer. Subscribers are alerted of any changes or new features that are added to the site automatically. Subscribers also automatically receive access to any new tools and features that are developed for the site. This is just the beginning as we develop more tools, features, and reasons to become a TerraServer subscriber today.

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