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Bulk Discounts - Aerial Photo/Satellite Image

Group Subscriptions: TerraServer developed a discount program for businesses and organizations that need multiple subscription accounts.

Our group discount rates are available for as little as two subscriptions and the discount increases as more subscriptions are purchased.

Prepay Credits: Subscribers can purchase store credits in advance and use these on any download/print order. Using prepay credits significantly speeds up the shopping process by not having to re-enter a credit card.

This is a great option for organizations that need to use a check or invoice to pay in advance. In addition, the program also provides a bonus credits that increase the more you buy.

Group Subscription
 Number of Subscribers   Discount 
2-5 Subscribers 10% Off
6-10 Subscribers 15% Off
11-25 Subscribers 20% Off
26-50 Subscribers 25% Off
Over 50 Subscribers 30% Off
Only Available With Yearly Subscriptions
Number of Subscribers:  
 Discount   Price/Subscriber   Total Price 
Prepay Credits
 Your Cost   Free Credits   Total Credits 
$250.00 10% - $25 $275.00
$500.00 15% - $75 $575.00
$1,000.00 20% - $200 $1,200.00
$2,500.00 25% - $625 $3,125.00
$5,000.00 30% - $1,500 $6,500.00
Free Month Subscription With Prepay Purchase
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