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Frequently Asked Questions
Image Viewer
An image came up, but how do I change image dates or resolutions?
You may change image dates and resolutions by clicking on the button titled Imagery within the Image Viewer.
Why are there watermarks on the image?
Why can’t I find a real time image?
Why isn’t there a higher resolution image available for this location?
How do I view a topographic map?
The image viewer is black or blank, what should I do?
The image viewer contains an error message, what should I do?
How can I zoom in and out?
How do I zoom in on a single point?
How far can I zoom in?
How far can I zoom out?
How do I move around the image?
How can I move to the exact next frame?
Can I have a compass or scale show up in the viewer?
When I drag the image, why does white space show up on the sides?
Why do the coordinates in the Viewer not exactly match the search coordinates?
Where do I find the resolution of the image?
What does the resolution mean?
Do you have an image with higher resolution?
Where do I find the date of the image?
Do you have a newer image?
Why are there copyright logos in the corners of some of the images?
The image is very small, how do I get a bigger version?
I zoomed all the way in and the image is very pixilated. What is wrong?
I changed images and the colors turned to gray and reds. What is wrong?
What do the arrows to the sides of the image do?
Is there a way to save this location so that I can come back to it later?
I used the favorites feature on the old site. Can I still access my old favorites?
Am I able to print or save these images?
What does the Print Image command allow me to do?
Can I email this image to a friend?
Will my friend need to be a subscriber to see the image?
Can I send a link to an image on the site?
I want to zoom to a certain level but the zoom feature won’t let me. What do I do?
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