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Frequently Asked Questions
Image Viewer
An image came up, but how do I change image dates or resolutions?
Why are there watermarks on the image?
Why can’t I find a real time image?
Why isn’t there a higher resolution image available for this location?
How do I view a topographic map?
The image viewer is black or blank, what should I do?
The image viewer contains an error message, what should I do?
How can I zoom in and out?
How do I zoom in on a single point?
How far can I zoom in?
How far can I zoom out?
How do I move around the image?
How can I move to the exact next frame?
Can I have a compass or scale show up in the viewer?
When I drag the image, why does white space show up on the sides?
Why do the coordinates in the Viewer not exactly match the search coordinates?
Where do I find the resolution of the image?
What does the resolution mean?
Do you have an image with higher resolution?
Where do I find the date of the image?
Do you have a newer image?
Why are there copyright logos in the corners of some of the images?
The image is very small, how do I get a bigger version?
I zoomed all the way in and the image is very pixilated. What is wrong?
I changed images and the colors turned to gray and reds. What is wrong?
What do the arrows to the sides of the image do?
Is there a way to save this location so that I can come back to it later?
I used the favorites feature on the old site. Can I still access my old favorites?
Am I able to print or save these images?
What does the Print Image command allow me to do?
Can I email this image to a friend?
Will my friend need to be a subscriber to see the image?
Can I send a link to an image on the site?
I want to zoom to a certain level but the zoom feature won’t let me. What do I do?
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