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Frequently Asked Questions
When I log in, I move to the next page and I am signed back out. What is happening?
What browsers and operating systems does TerraServer support?
I do not receive emails from TerraServer, even though I am signed up, what is wrong?
I do not receive receipts in my email after making purchases, what is wrong?
What are cookies?
Why does TerraServer use cookies?
How do I change my cookie settings?
Whenever I sign in my browser freezes, what is wrong?
Are there problems due to firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, or tool bar restrictions?
Our site is heavily dependent on cookies to allow you to browse the site seamlessly. If your firewall, browser, or software restricts the use of cookies, you may experience difficulty browsing the site. You will need to either adjust your settings or contact your network administrator.
How do I add as a trusted site?
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