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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I search for an image?
Do I have to know the entire address?
Do I have to know the entire zip code including the plus four digits?
Can I search using an intersection?
What if my location is in another country?
Can I search using coordinates?
What if I have decimal degrees?
What if I have degrees and decimal minutes?
What if I have degrees that contain a negative sign?
What if I have UTM Coordinates?
What are UTM Coordinates?
What is a township?
What if I want to search by township?
Where are townships located?
Where can I learn about townships?
What is a principal? Do I need it?
Can I search using GPS inputs?
Can I search using PLSS inputs?
An image came up, but how do I change images?
An image came up, but how do I look at a topographic map?
I searched internationally and found no results. What am I doing wrong?
An image came up but in the wrong location. What is wrong?
I searched for a location but the image is zoomed out very far. What is wrong?
How does the zoom level relate to the search?
Why can't I find the location I searched for in the viewer?
Why don’t you use a marker to mark the search location?
I’m still having trouble. Is there anyone that I can contact?
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