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Frequently Asked Questions
How old are your images?
What imagery is available for my location?
I searched for an international location and received no results. What is wrong?
Do you have imagery for the entire United States?
Do you have imagery for the entire world?
Can I request that an image be taken of a certain location?
Do you have imagery from a certain date?
Where do the images come from?
What is the difference between satellite and aerial imagery?
What altitude are your images taken from?
What types of imagery do you have (color, format)?
What do the resolution numbers mean?
What resolution image is best for me to use?
What is the highest resolution and newest imagery that you have available?
Do you have night time images?
Can you attach a scale to my image?
Can I print an image?
How often are your images updated?
Can I get live feed of a location?
Is imagery available of classified areas?
What makes your imagery better than other sites on the internet?
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