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Frequently Asked Questions
Shopping Cart
Do I need to be a subscriber to purchase prints and images?
Will the watermarks appear on purchased imagery?
Will the logos at the corners of the image appear on purchased imagery?
Will the date be printed on the download or print?
What should I do if you do not have the print size that I would like?
How much does a print cost?
How much does a digital image cost?
What is an Image Only Ė JPG file?
What is Georeferenced JPG image?
What is a complete image?
Why does the complete image cost more?
How do I know exactly what I am purchasing?
How do I preview the image before I purchase it?
Once Iíve found an image that I like, how do I purchase it?
What types of payment do you accept?
Can I use a Purchase Order?
Is your site and purchasing process secure?
What security measures have you taken?
Once Iíve purchased an image, how do I retrieve it?
Once Iíve purchased a print, how long does it take to deliver?
Iíve added one item to my cart, how do I go back to the viewer to look at more images?
Once Iíve put an image or print in my cart, how long will it remain in the cart?
How do I remove an item from my cart?
Iíve got everything I want to purchase in my shopping cart. How do I check out?
Iím having trouble checking out. Can someone take my order over the phone?
Does the shipping address have to be the same as the billing address?
What companies do you ship with?
Do you charge handling fees in addition to shipping?
Can I pull up my past orders?
How do I get a receipt for my purchases on
Do you offer a bulk discount when ordering multiple prints and images?
I tried to purchase a product or subscription, and the site timed out. What is wrong?
The site says that my form of payment has been rejected. What should I do?
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