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Press Releases
TerraServer Announces Release of New Website
RALEIGH, NC (June 22, 2007) -– TerraServer, the leader in online imagery, is proud to announce the release of the new TerraServer.com website. This new version includes a completely redesigned layout and also includes many new subscription features and download/print options.

After five months and over 4,000 man-hours of work, the new website was released to the public. Extensive analysis was done in order to create the redesigned website including use of customer surveys, competitive comparisons, usability studies, and outside design consultants. Many of the new features were added directly based on customer feedback. The new version had been available to the public in beta release for over a month to allow users to become familiar and test out the new website.

In order to offer many of the new website benefits, previous partnerships with TerraServer image and print providers were renewed and expanded. This resulted in new contracts with DigitalGlobe, GlobeXplorer, AirPhotoUSA and LandVoyage for imagery data and an exclusive print partnership with MyTopo.

"We will continue to base the development of our product and website features on the feedback of our users," said Brian Randy Funk, COO of TerraServer. "Our site is continually evolving to meet the demands of an industry that is growing in leaps and bounds."

The new website has been greatly simplified and streamlined while continuing to have all of the benefits from the previous version. The new TerraServer also brings in some features that are brand new including the ability for all users, both subscribers and non-subscribers, to zoom in to the full extent of the requested imagery. The free image viewer allows users to view all of the aerial photos, satellite images and USGS topo maps on TerraServer at full resolution before ever paying for any products.

"Months were spent redesigning the backend infrastructure to both handle the extensive traffic loads and maximize overall efficiency," said Dave Overdier, Senior Software Developer at TerraServer. "It's excellent to see the whole package finally released and meeting the highest expectations of our customers."

TerraServer subscribers also have several new benefits including an instant discount of 10% off of all print/poster and image download purchases. Subscribers also have an increased viewer size that is twice as large as the free viewer and is free of watermarks. From this viewer, subscribers may email, link or print images on their own printers for free.

Subscribers also have access to a new drawing and measuring tool that allows the user to measure distance and area while drawing on top the imagery. Users can change the line width and color while drawing. The overlays feature is also available to subscribers, which displays information on the image such as street names, zip codes, schools, hospitals, and even natural disaster data. Subscribers also have the ability to save all of their custom images in a Favorites folder for later viewing.

About TerraServer®
Since 1997, TerraServer® has positioned itself as the leader in online imagery. The company, based in Raleigh, NC, aims to be the one-stop site for aerial photos and satellite pictures. The interactive TerraServer.com website allows customers to easily search and view imagery from multiple sources and offers custom image downloads and prints.
Media Relations
Brian Randy Funk
Vice President, COO
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