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About TerraServer

TerraServer is a satellite and aerial imagery company offering cost-effective, easy to interpret, geospatial solutions to individuals and commercial clients seeking clarity in a complex world.

TerraServer services a range of industries including engineering, agriculture, legal, insurance, entertainment and media. Additionally, TerraServer provides actionable intelligence to governments, NGO's, and emergency response organizations.

TerraServer products range from historical, to current, to satellite tasking which enables us to offer future imagery. Our high quality digital and printed outputs include black & white, color, multispectral, radar, and lidar to name a few.

TerraServer's new custom GIS solutions include georeferenced orthomosaics, NDVI, volumemetric mapping, digital elevation data as well as spatial and temporal change detection.

Our History

Founded in 1997, TerraServer pioneered the delivery of satellite and aerial imagery online. Based in Raleigh North Carolina, the company forged a partnership with SOVINFORMSPUTNIK, a Russian company equipped with a cache of 2 meter, panchromatic satellite imagery (SPIN-2), to yield a series of high-resolution satellite views of popular landmarks such as Area 51, Groom Lake, Nellis Air Force Base and the Nevada Proving Grounds.

Making history on April 17, 2000, TerraServer became the first company to release these images to the general public online, generating a wave of publicity and enough Internet traffic to down a major Internet provider for over 12 hours.

In partnership with the industry's leading imagery providers such as DigitalGlobe, TerraServer has dramatically expanded its offerings as it continues to provide the most extensive collection of high quality satellite and aerial images found anywhere.

Joining the PrecisionHawk Family

In 2015 PrecisionHawk, a leading sUAS company acquired TerraServer to compliment its rapidly expanding portfolio of high-resolution, low-altitude drone-captured data. Working together, TerraServer and PrecisionHawk continue to stay one step ahead of the competition offering their customers a true end-to-end solution for data capture and analysis.

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